Artist Education

Advice for entering your artwork into galleries, shows, and competitions and for marketing yourself and your work.

Whether you are an established artist or a beginner, the process of presenting yourself to your artistic peers and showcasing your work for an exhibition can feel overwhelming. However, there are several helpful guidelines that can make the process much easier.

Usually, you'll need an artist biography, which introduces you to the gallery, jurors, or potential client. You'll also need a clear and concise artist statement that effectively communicates your artistic vision and intent behind your work. (Like many artists, I personally detest the entire idea of artist statements; after all, what is the purpose of visual artwork if it cannot stand on its own merits?) Whatever your own sentiment may be, the artist statement is a fundamental feature of the contemporary art world, and if you submit your work for exhibition or juried shows, you will need to learn how to craft one that you can live with. That's why I've prepared a small guide for writing the artist statement, as well as the artist biography and curriculum vitae (CV).

If you're submitting a piece to a competitive juried show, learning how to photograph fiber art will make all the difference. Fiber art is notoriously difficult to photograph well due to the materials used and the challenges associated with effectively capturing three-dimensional textures.

Finally, this website contains a detailed guide on taking a good headshot (or better yet, set of headshots) that, when done with a bit of thought, can be another way to express who you are as an artist and how you wish your work to be perceived.